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Teach you 5 points to choose high quality building formwork!

Teach you 5 points to choose high quality building formwork!

2019-08-12 09:03
Architectural formwork has a very wide range of applications in daily buildings, but the quality of building formwork is also good or bad, good building formwork has more turnover times, cost-effective, and the use of stability is also very good, so how to choose high-quality building formwork, the following small edition will teach you a lot. Five o'clock for quick selection.
Teach you 5 points to choose high quality building formwork
1. Looking at the color of the surface of building formwork, the surface color of good quality formwork should have a very natural tone, and the wood grain on its surface is also relatively clear. If the paint on the surface is thicker, we should pay attention to it. It is very likely that the manufacturers intentionally add the color to cover up the defects on its surface. Heavy.
2. Look at the surface texture, which is also very important to look at the quality. The surface texture of a good quality building template is natural and elegant. Conversely, the surface texture of a poor quality will be disorderly and very ugly.
3. Looking at the cracks on its surface, there are no cracks on the surface of good quality building formwork. There are some small cracks on the surface of some middle and low-end products, which arise between the textures of wood and will not affect its use. If the cracks penetrate the texture, then the quality is poor.
4. See if there are any knots on the surface, the knots can be divided into live knots and dead knots. Usually the wood will have some live knots, which has no effect on the use of building formwork, but if it is dead knots, it will have an impact, and the excessive diameter of live knots will also have a certain impact on its use.
5. It also depends on the pressure of the building formwork. When we go to the factory to inspect, we can go to the hot press of the manufacturer to see how much pressure he exerts. Generally, the manufacturer's pressure ranges from 14 MPa to 20 mpa.
There are many ways to distinguish the quality. When choosing, we should make reasonable choices through different methods. We can not blindly seek cheap or cost-effective. Usually, the quality of high-cost building formwork will be better.

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