Foshan Chuanfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was initially established in 2009. After ten years of sharpening, it has grown into the present Chuanfeng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Our company has been committed to providing high-quality building templates to every partner, every high-quality project and key projects. Over the years, the company has increased investment in production and research. To ensure the quality of products, we have devoted ourselves to every building template. Our company has a perfect sales system and excellent after-sales service team, which truly achieves "one-to-one VIP, 24-hour online service".

Our company is located in Jun'an Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, where Bruce Lee is the king of Kung Fu. It is commonly known as "one foot spans three cities". It is close to Zhongshan City and Jiangmen City. It is only 8 minutes away from Guang Zhongjiang Expressway exit of Jun'an Town and 5 minutes away from Guang Zhongjiang Expressway exit of Hetang Town, Jiangmen City. The traffic conditions are very convenient.

Our company adhering to the "good people, good board" business philosophy, we have always been forgetting the original intention, to move forward.

Tianxing Jian, the gentleman to self-improvement, the terrain Kun, gentleman to carry goods with good morality.

It is everyone's duty to enrich China, strengthen China and inherit culture.

We are Sichuan Maple of China.